Learning to blog

I’ve come to realise, through the gentle suggestion of a friend and fellow writer, that my blog-writing style is a bit dense. While it is true that alcoholism is a complex issue to write about, this is a failure of communication on my part and I’ll try to do better.

For years I have been uneasy with social science’s unique way of writing about things. Anthropology, in particular, is (in)famous for using impenetrable language and I believe this alienates most general interest readers. Sure, some of the issues that anthropology seeks to understand are complex. But that just means that we need to pay more attention to how we explain those issues and concepts, rather than be lazy and revert to type.

I have also fallen into the trap of front-loading this blog with concepts and theory, as an attempt to structure my thoughts in much the same way you would an academic paper, report or book. Blogs should be more organic, I think.

In other news, I’m about to fly off to see my partner and spend three weeks on a tiny island sweating off the remaining few kilograms of my alcoholic and post-alcoholic-icecream body. So, things have been a bit hectic finishing up work and getting ready to go.

One of the great things about AA’s method of dealing with unhealthy thoughts and urges is that it can be applied to other areas of your life. For example, when I quit drinking I also quit the source of most of my dietary glucose. As an active alcoholic, I rarely ate sweets because I knew I needed to somehow offset the sugar I was consuming in the litres of grog I drank. When I gave up drinking I craved sweet things, unsuprisingly.

I’m slowly weaning myself off sugar, but it’s a struggle when you’re like me and get ‘hangry’ (hungry + angry). A bag of nuts helps to keep the hungry nutbag within at bay, while the usual AA methods (go to meetings, phone a friend, meditate etc) help with the cravings.

My project for the next three weeks is to conduct another ‘searching and fearless moral inventory’, as AA suggests in Step Four, on the advice of my sponsor. I have been a bit ratty lately and the cause of this ‘spiritual malady’ is usually found amongst my catalogue of character defects. I’ll let you know what I find 🙂

Beagle out.








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